Raha Coffee House

Where Yemen's Rich Coffee Tradition Meets Buffalo's Heartbeat

Welcome to Raha Coffee House, Buffalo’s new destination for authentic Yemeni coffee and a warm, communal atmosphere. 

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Our Coffee

Dive into the heart of Yemeni coffee with our signature brews. From the spicy notes of our Adeni/Karak chai to the comforting warmth of our Yemeni coffee options, each cup is a testament to Yemen’s rich coffee heritage. Experience the Raha signature latte, a local favorite, or savor the unique taste of our Rose Velvet latte – there’s a story in every cup.

Ambiance & Service

At Raha Coffee House, we believe in creating spaces that bring people together. Our cozy, artful interior is a haven for conversation, relaxation, and of course, exceptional coffee. Our friendly team is dedicated to serving you with a smile and ensuring your experience is nothing short of delightful.
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Our Commitment

We are committed to more than just great coffee. Raha Coffee House embraces sustainability, community, and the joy of sharing. Join us for a taste of Yemeni culture right here in Buffalo. Whether you’re seeking a quiet corner for reflection or a lively spot for gathering, you’ll find your place at Raha.

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